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Enhance your company image. Show your name and logo with custom printed tapes.

heavy duty PVC waterproof tapes

Tapes - POLYPROPYLENE packaging tapes, Top Quality Self-Adhesive. Choose between 3 grades, Natural Solvent, Acrylic, Hot Melt.

Tapes - PVC pressure sensitive, available transulcent, transparent, coloured..

Tapes - PAPER gummed or pressure sensitive - heavy-duty reinforced carton quality.

Tapes - HEAVY Duty to MOD spec.

Tapes - WATERPROOF cloth in white black or silver.

Tapes - GLASS REINFORCED. Withstands constant pressure without snapping, ripping tearing or splitting.

Tapes - PAPER MASKING removes cleanly and easily. Ideal for spray masking. many uses from studio to factory.

Tapes - QUALITY CONTROL PRE-PRINTED. Designed to meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2000.

Tapes - INFORMATION. Pre-printed with heading or security message.

Tapes - DOUBLE SIDED available with plastic or paper base.

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